Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Goals with Grace // September

A new month! Hooray! I mentioned earlier this week that I'm excited to begin this new season, both in life and literally, with the weather. It'll be great to not be forced into a 30 minute window of time in the early morning for a walk. The temps will get cooler (I hope!) and some fun and exciting things are around the corner.... 

I want to look back at August to see how I did. Again, I love this link-up because it's not about accomplishing every little thing on my list, though I do make small lists ;) Rather, we give ourselves grace. 

August Goals //

1. Finish reading "Nourished Baby" and "Will Write for Food"
Yes and no! I finished "Nourished Baby" and am implementing the things I learned into Reaghan's diet as we continue to introduce new foods to her. I haven't finished "Will Write for Food" mainly because it's somewhat of a workbook for me, and I'm working through it slowly. Each chapter is so heavy with lots to think about, so I'm biting off small bits, and chewing on it for a while :)
2. Replace all our household cleaners with natural alternatives 
Yes! So excited about this one. I replaced all our household cleaners with safe, non-toxic versions. I can barely handle walking down the cleaning product aisle at the grocery store anymore, so this was a huge YAY in my book. 
3. Start Reaghan's 1st birthday party crafts 
Yes! It's a slow process but I'm really excited about how everything is coming along. Gold and sparkly everywhere! 
4. Take more social media free weekends Mainly I just forgot about this one. Though I will say that it is more natural for me to pull away from social media on the weekends. It's not a true "I'm not opening up these apps on my phone" weekend, and I'm okay with that for now. The point of this being that I want to focus my attention on family, friends, rest and creating. I think those things are happening.

1. Order blog business cards //
So weird for me since I'm new at blogging, but definitely needed. My friend Jenn and I are going to The Influence Conference at the end of the month and will be meeting lots of new people!

2. More crafties for Rae's party //
You'll just have to wait until November to see what I'm up to!

3. Find new ways to live a slower paced and more intentional life // 
This isn't anything new for Jordan and I. It's been on the radar for years and I'm happy with where we've come on that journey. BUT we still have a ways to go, fighting against the current of our culture and our own internal biases. While I'm at it, I want to finish reading "Notes from a Blue Bike." I'm really loving it. Get yourself a copy and read it, I promise you'll be blessed. 

4. Blog 3 times a week //
As opposed to 5x a week, see goal #3. 

And now some good reads from August in case you missed it!

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  1. Looks like I need to add another book to my list ;) I would love for you to share about your natural cleaning products! Steven is a skeptic when it comes to things like that, but I think now that I've made our own laundry detergent he might be willing to try natural cleaners!

  2. Yeah I was skeptical too! I wanted things that would really work well, and I've been really happy with the results so far! I'll write a post about it eventually.... I have a pinterest board called "clean home" if you want to browse around there too for some recipes :)

  3. Natural cleaners is THE WAY to go! I right after my baby girl was born and we never looked back. My husband complained at first, but when the house is clean and smells like heavenly lavender, there's nothing more to complain about.