Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

This is your one stop shop to find cooking tools I trust and use in my own kitchen as well as other helpful resources. Looking for my recommendations for certain brands of foods? Check out my Wholesome Eating page. 
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Silicone Spatula 
Perfect for baking, frosting, and working with batter.

Meat Tenderizer
Use the flat side to flatten meat for even cooking, and the ridged side to tenderize. 


Pastry Brush
Use this to baste meat, add egg wash or butter to baked goods before baking. 


Grill Pan
Love being able to achieve grill marks without investing in a grill.

Lockable Tongs 


Slotted Spoon 
Great for straining vegetables from soups or broth. 


A must for serving soups and stews. 


Knife Set
Good quality set that includes kitchen sheers 


Oven Mits and Potholders

Kitchen Dish Towels 
A good set for drying dishes is preferable in addition to your decorative ones.

Reliable Tupperware set