Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bella Italia on the Blog!

That's right, I'm dedicating this week to the incredible deliciousness that is the country of Italy. I was lucky enough to spend a summer living life among the people of the endearing food capital of the country, Bologna. Bologna is nestled along the mountains and about an hour train ride from Florence and Rome. I crave Bolognese food all the time, and with the lack of specialty food stores in my area, it's rare that I get to recreate my favorite dishes. 

I'll start this little series with some delectable meals for you to drool over...

Get your jaw off the floor and book a flight immediately. I'm not kidding.

And from the markets....

Oh, how I wish my grocery shopping looked like this these days! It's definitely a different system, bagging and carrying your groceries back to your apartment, several blocks or sometimes a bus ride away. But wouldn't you pay that small price for the freshest ingredients in season? 

Stay tuned for more this week as I share some of my favorite Italian recipes. 


  1. Okay I think you may have posted this just to torture me ;) I'm ready to get on a plane RIGHT NOW.

  2. Hahahaha, I swear I didn't!! I have been thinking about all the Italian food and wanting to post about it!! You guys can make my recipes and have more conversations about getting on that plane while eating ;)

  3. Hahah, yes we will have to! :)